Terms and Condition “bonus for each deposit”

General Terms

  1. By opening a trading account under this 60% Loyalty Bonus program, the Client acknowledges that he has read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as well as to the Company Trading Terms and Conditions.
  2. The organizer of this promotion is the company OBOFX
  3. The promotional period for this 60% Loyalty Bonus Offer shall run from May 01st 2019 till May 31st 2019.
  4. The Company has the right to amend, alter or terminate this Bonus Promotion at its sole discretion, and at any time without notice.
  5. The Company reserves the right to refuse offering of the 60% Loyalty Bonus at its sole discretion without the need to provide justification. The Company will not be liable for any stop outs or any other consequences that result out of a Bonus cancellation and/or removal.
  6. If the Company suspects that a Client has abused or attempted to abuse a promotion, or otherwise acted with a lack of good faith towards us, then the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny, withhold or withdraw from that Client the 60% Loyalty Bonus or promotion and if necessary to cancel any terms and conditions with respect to that Client, either temporarily or permanently, or terminate that Client’s access to the service and/or block that Client’s Account.
  7. Any dispute or situation not covered by these Terms will be resolved by the Company Management in a fair manner.


  1. Participants of the promotion may be all the company’s customers, personal account.
  2. The 60% Loyalty Bonus offer only applies to Micro and Premium account types.
  3. To the account of accrued bonus means shoulder to the account cannot be more than 1: 500.
  4. To receive the bonus you need to open a trading account during the campaign. The client is entitled to receive a bonus without deposit.
  5. Internal transfers are not considered completion.
  6. The bonus is not eligible to old clients/employees/agents/IB of OBOFX and their families.
  7. Participation in the 60% Loyalty Bonus is not allowed for persons under the age of 18 or otherwise under the legal age in their country of residence (“minors”).
  8. A participant should be guided by these rules, which must be read carefully to them. Ignorance of the rules of competition cannot serve as an argument when filing a claim.
  9. At the expense involved in the action, not covered by other shares of the company.

Getting the bonus

  1. The 60% Loyalty Bonus only applies on new deposits of at least 300 USD (or any other currency equivalent).
  2. The maximum amount that can be awarded in this bonus promotion is 2,500 USD (or any other currency equivalent) per trading account, per client per IP address.
  3. A client cannot receive 60% Loyalty bonus if he is already entitled to any other promotion.
  4. Please note that you cannot switch between bonus programs. A Client can request change of bonus scheme to No Bonus only via email to [email protected] In such a case all active bonuses will be removed and no bonus will be awarded on further deposits.
  5. Bonus credited to the account immediately after applying for, if all the requirements for the bonus specified in this Agreement.
  6. In the event of withdrawal from the trading account, the bonus is reduced to 40% of (Balance+- P/L) regardless of the withdrawal amount.
  7. Bonus funds credited to the account for a period of 1 month.
  8. In the case of a company suspected of using the scheme “Bonus Hunting” , “ Hedging trades internally or externally” or any other fraudulent activity with a bonus in the client’s trading strategy, the company reserves the right to adjust the result of trading. Part of the trade results from participation in the trade bonus money will be canceled. As a basis for the revision of the result can be a lack of trading activity in the account, such as making a major transaction or a series of transactions with less committed around the same time and for similar prices, which is a fragmentation of a large transaction into smaller ones. Typically, these bills have sufficient trading history. In case of such transactions the company may also cancel the bonus at any time without prior notice.

Using the Bonus

  1. The 60% Loyalty bonus cannot be withdrawn.
  2. The 60% Loyalty bonus can be used to generate rebate.
  3. Agents removed from accounts with 60% Loyalty bonus.
  4. Rebate generated from the bonus will be reversed.
  5. The bonus cannot be lost.
  6. The bonus can be removed in the following cases.
    1. In case the floating loss of an account equalizes balance.
    2. The bonus can also be removed when the free margin reaches zero.
    3. In case the free margin reaches 30% of the margin used.
  7. Since 60% Loyalty bonus is involved in therefore margin level is not taken into consideration.


    1. Claims for the shares may be directed to Email: [email protected]
    2. All claims for shares must contain: name, exact address of the account number and a detailed description of the claims.

ATTENTION: On the trading account on which the bonus credited under this action, shall be prohibited to trade through anonymous proxy server. If you find more than five connections to the account from different IP addresses belonging to different regions of Russia and / or other countries that account may be disqualified and the bonus forfeited. If there is any suspicion of abuse of this bonus action, fraud, as well as the detection of fraud or forgery of documents provided by the participant of the action, the account can be disqualified, and the client can be denied service.

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